Fiber Laser Engraving

Toms Custom Coatings Is your one stop Full Service Laser Firearm Engraving Service..
We use a 3D Fiber Laser system to engrave your firearms.
We also do Large Quantity Industrial type Laser work as well.
Our Industrial Laser Engraving Page can be seen here

We can engrave anything from NFA SBR markings to custom logos and designs.
Prices can be as low as 55.00 for trust, name, and or serial numbers to ATF standards.
$55.00 includes up to 2 lines of text a 3rd line of text can be added for $10.00.
Other Firearm laser engraving can also be done as well.
Prices can vary dramatically when you want to have custom logos and designs created.
if you already have your design in a format that we can use without having to redesign it your cost will be dramatically lower.
The best thing to do if your looking to have something Fiber Laser engraved is to call us for custom pricing.
We charge 45.00 an hour to take your image and convert it into something that our system can read.
So if your sending us an image and asking us to engrave it on something then know I cant give you a full quote until the job is finished. Some designs may take 30 minutes to change over while others may take several hours to recreate from scratch.

We can also do custom logos and graphics on your uppers, lowers, or pistol slides.

Prices on custom artwork can vary drastically.
It will always help to keep prices down if you can have the image already in Vector format.
If we need to do the design work as well we charge 45.00 an hour to do all design work.

We will have a small list of custom graphics we have already designed in house and if you choose one of these then you will not have to pay for the design work.

Laser Engraved Top Cocking Serrations On a Glock Slide








engraving 2

Sample Pistol Slide Engraving On a Glock Slide

Sample engraving On a barrel Hood

Sample Engraving on a 1911 Slide










We laser engrave anything… Yes even knives