How To Ship Your Firearm To Us

Here is all the information you need to ship your firearm and or parts to us. After we have spoken about your project follow this list below for best results and traceability in our shop.

First off you will need a copy of our FFL to drop into your package. You can grab that Here…. Our FFL.

Next you need to download a copy of our work order  ( HERE ), fill it out as complete as possible Including anything you can think of that will help us out here in the shop. Make sure if you are sending parts that you list out each part and what color you want it. If you’re sending a whole gun write Entire Gun in the order list and then detail under that what you want to be done to it. Include in customer info area your Name, Address, Phone, And Email address if you have one. Sign the very bottom of the form stating all above is correct and include in the box.
If you would like us to contact you before we start please indicate that and give us the contact method you would like us to use email or phone.. Also if we have any questions about the work order you filled out we will contact you to clear them up before we start otherwise we will follow your directions.

Next package up your Gun or Parts securely in an unmarked package include the work order from above, a copy of our FFL , We will call you for payment once the job is finished

NOTE: When shipping a firearm, it is most important that you comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The following guidelines are meant to help, but you must seek assistance from the appropriate authorities if necessary.
Check magazines and chambers to ensure that they are unloaded. Do not ship ammunition.
Do not attempt to ship a (handgun) via US Postal Service; only federally licensed dealers may ship a handgun by US Postal Service.

Send To:
Toms Custom Coatings
107 Bourbon St.
Blanchester, Ohio 45107
Our phone number if you need it for the shipping process is 937-550-1119

Make Checks payable to Tom Leach