Premium Hydro Dip Designs

Here are some of our premium designs you can choose from.

Note that all Hydro Dip designs change by the initial color you place under them.
Like if you coat the part in pink and then dip then all background graphics will be more pink.
Like a flame graphic for instance, You can use orange, red, blue or whatever to coat the part with and the flame will look completely different depending on the initial coating.

CLASSIC-Hades_Swatch DeceptionSwatch INFECTED_swatch NAUGHTY-GIRL-TATTOO-swatch
new-POW-swatch NAUGHTY_FIRE_swatch MR-CREEPY-pink VENOM_swatch
WALKERS-swatch SteamPunkswatch Forbidden-Forest-swatch American-Camo-SWATCH
Aden-swatch American-Bully-Swatch true-weave-swatch