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Double Star Defense

Our goal at Double Star Defense is to train individuals in the safe use of firearms in self-defense situations.  We offer the NRA’s Basic Pistol Course as part of the Ohio requirement to obtain a Concealed Carry License.  Whereas this course will educate the students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to safely handle a firearm, it is not a tactical firearms course.

In addition to the Basic Pistol Course, Double Star Defense offers theNRA’s Personal Protection in the Home course.  This is an advanced class to better prepare you, both mentally and physically, to safely protect you and your family inside your home.

FocusFocus Outdoor Ministry Are you a hunter or just a general outdoorsman from the Dayton Ohio area? 

If so Please visit Mark Moore at
FOCUS Outdoor Ministries

Focus Outdoor Ministries is a Christ centered ministry. devoted to calling together Men, Women, and Children who share a common bond of being in the great outdoors all while giving Praise, Glory and Honor to our God who created it all for us.