Custom Oakley’s Harley Sunglasses

Yes we even do custom sunglasses..
These Oakleys were in need of a custom design..
We did these Oakleys in a custom Burnt Bronze and Black Harley Davidson Theme Sunglasses

Custom Glock Gun With Marines Theme


A full Marine theme Glock with our very own custom designed skull hand on the grip.
Many people copy our skull hand grips but remember we were the first.

Glock 43 In Blue Titanium and Burnt Bronze

This 1911 came in needing a serious facelift

Custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt

A custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt Including Burnt Bronze backfill

2 Pistols In Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black

AR Pistol in Burnt Bronze And Graphite Black

AR in Burnet Bronze and Graphite Black

Men Of Faith In Burnt Bronze Shimmer Gold

This Rifle was customized for the men of faith in Burnt Bronze and Shimmer Gold

Burnt bronze w/ our brand new Shimmer Gold