Custom Mossberg Stihl Chainsaw

We did several Custom Stihl Chainsaw Designs using a mossberg chainsaw 12 gauge shotguns.
These things turned out beautiful.

Custom Glock Gun With Marines Theme


A full Marine theme Glock with our very own custom designed skull hand on the grip.
Many people copy our skull hand grips but remember we were the first.

Glock in 4 color Cypress Camo Pattern

Another highly customized Camo pattern on this Glock.
This is fully hand coated using several Cerakote colors and styles.

M&P 40 In Graphite Black and Hidden White

A custom MP in skulls

Custom KSG From My Cold Dead Hands

This KSG came in when they were first released and we were tasked with making it a one of a kind design. Our team got with the owner and after much deliberation this is what we came up with….
Everything on this beautiful Skull designed KSG is all hand done in Cerakote.

Kel-Tec P3AT 380 Slide Only

Glock 19 With a Samcro Fan Theme

This pistol is one of our all time favorites.
We are avid fans of Sons Of Anarchy therefor we just had to do one of our own pistols in a Samcro design.
This turned out way better than we could have ever imagined.
Our dedication to Sons Of Anarchy theme pistol