Batman Kettlebell All In Cerakote

This Cerakote Kettlebell was a custom one off for a very special customer that Just loves Batman, And not just batman but the old school batman. So we took all their suggestions and ran with it .
We do way more than just custom cerakote on Guns …
Do you have a custom project that you were wondering about doing?
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Batman Returns on this Beautiful 1911

Are you a super fan of the old time Batman shows?
Well this customer is and his beautiful 1911 remake is a dedication to the old Pow Bang Kaboom tv series.
Let us help you make a one of a kind fan build.

The Joker’s Brand New Custom Glock

And the Joker now has a brand new Custom Glock.
We took this rather bland and boring Glock and turned it into a one of a kind Joker Themed Glock.
We custom Laser Stippled the grips
Custom Laser cut forward Serrations
Then we had to open up a couple windows , One on each side so the Joker could breath a little better.
Then we had to add a very colorful rip torn camo to the slide
And then we had to add a few Deep Engravings that only a True Joker at heart could approve.

BATMAN Glock in Satin Mag and Sniper Gray

Yes sometimes even Batman carries a little back up pistol to help him out in times of trouble.

Batman Uses Us So Why Not You?

A Batman Glock complete with Gotham city skyline.