Spikes Worthog In Custom Cerakote Design

Taking this Spikes Warthog to a brand new look.
We coated this Worthog to match an old aircraft look but that wasn’t enough.
We had to hand coat the actual worthog in Cerakote to give it that special kickin look that it deserved.

Our Custom Mix Purple Haze Cerakote AR15

Our very customized Purple Haze Mix is an amazing Purple Chameleon color created with Cerakote.
This awesome AR15 is a one of a kind build from the Custom Handguard made by Unique AR’s to our custom Purple Cerakote creation.
If you have a custom color you would like to discuss with us please let us know how we can help create that special one of a kind firearm just for you by contacting us here.

L.V. Glock 9mm Custom 2 Color Cerakote

This custom designed pistol is perfect for the purse…

Custom Honeycomb Two Tone AR15 Barrel

Two toning this Honey Comb AR15 barrel was quite the challenge but we pulled it off.

Check out the rifle we used this barrel on here