Custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt

A custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt Including Burnt Bronze backfill

Full Ohio State Cerakote theme on a 1911

And here we have a full Ohio State Themed 1911 …

1911 refinished in Cerakote Typhon Kryptek

One of our first shot trials with Kryptek 

1911 With A Sexy Graphite Black Frame

We only did the Graphite Black frame on this beautiful 1911

Rock Island 1911 In Solid Crushed Aluminium

1911 in Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black

A beautiful 1911 in Burnt Bronze

Remington R1 1911 Burnt Bronze / Armor Black

Kimber 1911 Custom II in 2 colors with Logo

2 Tone Cerakote Kimber 1911 With Skull Logo on slide