The Reaper In Cerakote Typhon Kryptek

The reaper returns on this amazing rifle.

An AR and Baby Eagle In Typhon Kryptek

This customer brought in not just a rifle but his pistol as well that he wanted to match..
He also brought in his Hat with the specific Kryptek design he wanted copied onto his firearms.
by the way if you have a special design or camo that you want copied…
The best way to achieve it is with a piece of material or something that we can have here in the shop to copy it from.
A photo just doesn’t always do it when your trying to copy something..
Anyways… This project turned out dead on and I love it.

1911 refinished in Cerakote Typhon Kryptek

One of our first shot trials with Kryptek 

Typhon Kryptek on a Glock in 3 Colors

A Typhon Kryptek design on a Glock handgun