Custom Cerakote Fireman RTIC Tumblers

We not only Cerakote Guns but we also Cerakote some Awesome Tumblers.
These RTIC tumblers were done for our local Fire department.
Each one customized with the way they wanted it.
Do you have a fireman you Love …. Get him this awesome gift…. Promise he will love it..

Customize your Yeti or RTIC tumblers

Yes Toms Custom Coatings can also customize your Yeti or RTIC tumbler.
We can customize any of your stainless tumblers it can be any brand or style.
These custom Cerakote Tumblers make great gifts.

AR 15 in Kryptek Raid Gray

Yep this Kryptek Raid is all Cerakote. This is not a Hydrodip Project.
Quite a few hours go into hand coating this Kryptek Raid Gray AR 15 rifle.
And it matches the material we were given by the customer pretty point on I think.
This is the highest price camo style that we do but people are loving it.
We also did all the custom Engraving work on the AR lower reciever as well.
If you have any questions about this Kryptek Raid coating done by our local Ohio Cerakote shop you can contact us directly via our contact page located here.

Our First Hydro dip Camo Wheels

We did a full HydroDip camo on these wheel inserts.