Ruger Custom With Extreme Cylinder Backfill



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This custom Ruger really needed some beautification when it came into the shop.
We stripped it down and completely remade the entire firearm in Burnt Bronze and Graphite black Cerakote. Then if that wasn’t enough we backfilled the cylinder so you can now finally read the extremely tiny engravings that you could never read before.

2 Custom Ruger 22/45 Pistols in Cerakote

2 Custom Cerakote Ruger 22/45 Pistols

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Kentucky Wildcats Theme Pistol and American Flag theme pistol

We completely went through both of these Ruger 22/45 pistols creating a specific theme for each one.

One of them in a cerakote american flag and the other one in Cerakote kentucky wildcats

Ruger single action given new life

Ruger Revolver In Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black

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This beautiful Ruger single action pistol has been given new life with a brand new Cerakote coating of Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black.
I have to say that this revolver turned out amazing.

Ruger LC9 Mirror Polish Slide Muddy Bronze

Muddy Bronze and High Polish Slide

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This Ruger was coated in our custom Muddy Bronze Cerakote Then we took the slide and gave it a high mirror polish.
The polished slide was a bit of a challenge but after many hours we finally got it to looking pretty amazing for a Ruger LC9.
If your looking for custom colors or high mirror polishing contact us today.

Nintendo Zapper Theme Ruger 22

Beautiful Nintendo Zapper Theme Pistol

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Yes we took a ruger MKIII and made it look like the old school Nintendo Zapper..
I do believe this futuristic type Firearm from Ruger is a perfect match to give that old school video game look to.
No matter If you agree or disagree with the whole toy to real debate  you have to admit that as long as you are a responsible Gun Owner….  This is a pretty cool wall hanger for any real nintendo fans office wall.

Custom Pink Tiger Stripe Ruger

Bright Purple Frame on a Ruger LC9

The Anniversary Ruger LC9 In Purple and Silver