Our Steam Punk Ar9 Gear Gun

This is one of our most intense designs we have ever done.
It has taken a long time to build this AR9 Pistol but we are super proud of the steam punk design that we have laser engraved across ever face of the pistol. All the gears look as if they are actually able to move against each other and push the next gear.
A lot of time and thought went into this beautiful AR9 pistol.
If your looking for your next Laser designed firearm then contact us and see if we can make something that will turn every head at the gun range.

Custom Wild Cerakote Welding Hoods

We knocked off these amazing Custom Welding Hoods in a few different designs.
Which style is your favorite?
The custom cerakote will personalize your favorite helmet.

We do Company Graphics on Trucks, Window Decals and more

Need Graphics Applied to a new fleet truck or company info placed on your back window?
Maybe you switch out vehicles and you need door magnets made up?
We do all that and more here at Toms Custom Coatings.

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RMR Installs, Slide Serations and Porting

We are now doing custom Machining on your Pistol slides.

RMR Installs — $200.00
Cocking Serrations — $100.00 + ( Depending on sizes and amount )
Slide Portings — $110.00 + ( depending on type and amount of ports to add )

Glock RMR install

M&P Shield RMR Insall

slide serations
Glock Front Cocking Serrations Added

Now offering full service firearm engraving

We at Toms Custom Coatings are now offering full service Firearm engraving.
Are you building a new AR platform out of an 80% lower? We can help.

Building an SBR and need your trust markings? We can do that to.

Want a custom engraving on your slide ? We can help there also.

engraving 2


Custom Pink Tiger Stripe Ruger

Hot pink and black tiger stripe’s

Cerakote Review

Gun Coatings: Cerakote

Everyone has Cerakote on their guns nowadays, but what is Cerakote? Is it really the wave of the future in the gun coatings industry?

Gun Coatings serve many purposes:

  • Gun Coatings are functional: they provide benefits over bare metal or factory gun finishes
  • Gun Coatings can be used to mask heat signature for military or special law enforcement and special operations
  • Gun Coatings are cosmetic enhancements
  • Gun Coatings can add bulk to loose tolerances
  • Gun Coatings can be a fun way to personalize your firearms
  • Weather, oxidation and other gun enemies are good reasons to explore gun coatings
  • Camouflage is possible with certain gun coatings (one of the original reasons for modern gun coatings)
  • Gun Coatings are typically more accessible to the end user than other firearms finishes

So, given all of these basic premises (and we will cover the basics much more in depth later), where does Cerakote brand gun coating fit in?

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Trijicon is now offering Cerakote

New for 2014, Trijicon has introduced a selection of ACOG, Reflex and RMR models featuring Cerakote finishes. Trijicon now offers color options in Sniper Gray, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth (FDE) on select ACOG, Reflex and RMR models.

Andrew Chilkiewicz, Trijicon Marketing Manager, commented, “The industry is moving towards Cerakote finishes on many OEM and custom finished firearms platforms.  We believe by introducing Trijicon optics in these same finishes we are meeting the demands of our customers on some of the more popular Trijicon optics and sights.”

The following Trijicon optics feature Cerakote finishes:

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