Benelli Vinci In a Nice Grass Camo

This beautiful Benelli Vinci came into the shop in its horrid hydrodip pattern that had been very well used.
After a complete clean up, We transformed it into this beautiful Grassy camo. 

Nintendo Duck Hunt Shotgun Theme

We took a plain black Standard DP12 and turned it into this amazing work of art for a die hard Nintendo fan.
The Nintendo Duck Hunt Shotgun was the brain child of its owner and he was so excited that we could actually be able to make it a reality for his collection. This Nintendo Shotgun took quite a few hours to develop and create but was well worth every minute taken. If you have a theme Gun you would like to see done please contact us and let’s see if we can make your dreams come true.

Jessie James Blue and Graphite Black

Full Jessie James Blue Ar 15

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This Ar15 Rifle was custom coated with Cerakote colors Jessie James Civil war blue and Graphite Black.
We then did all the custom engraving.
Adding the custom fire and safe markers and then adding the customers family crest as well.
After that job was finished we then matched his shotgun to his Ar.

Custom Iron Man Stark Industries Shotgun



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Sometime Even Tony Stark needs a little extra punch.
So he created this Awesome Stark Industries Iron Man Shotgun.
Looking for a specific theme type firearm? We absolutely love making theme guns come to life.
Contact us today to discuss your Theme Gun design and let’s see if we can help you make it a reality.

Fall Camo Hydrodip-Mud Brown Cerakote

This firearm was coated in Mud brown Cerakote and then Hydro dipped in a fall Dip.

Mossburg 500 Burnt Bronze Armor Black

Custom KSG From My Cold Dead Hands

This KSG came in when they were first released and we were tasked with making it a one of a kind design. Our team got with the owner and after much deliberation this is what we came up with….
Everything on this beautiful Skull designed KSG is all hand done in Cerakote.

Benelli M4 In Cerakote 3 color camo

We did this Benelli in a custom airbrushed camo.

Tylers Army Mac Daddy Edition

Cerakote Patriot Brown Shotgun