Noveske in green snake skin cerakote design

A custom green camo snake skin design on this beautiful Noveske Rifles

AR15 With A 2 Color Cerakote Combo

We did this AR for our good friends over at 702 Shooter.
This rifle turned out beautiful.

Check out the custom barrel work we did for this rifle here. 

Benelli M4 In Cerakote 3 color camo

We did this Benelli in a custom airbrushed camo.

AR in 3 Color Cerakote Snake Camo

A beautiful Snake Skin Camo across this AR15

1942 Mosin Nagant In Snake Skin Camo

A 1942 Mosin Nagant in a custom Cerakote snake skin camo pattern

Kimber 1911 Custom II in 2 colors with Logo

2 Tone Cerakote Kimber 1911 With Skull Logo on slide