Custom Sapphire Blue And Crushed Silver

This Kimber 1911 went thru a major overhaul.
We stripped it down polished the barrel and some of the hardware to a high mirror shine,
Then we gave it a coat of our custom mixed Sapphire Blue Along with a custom engraving.
It turned out amazing.

Distress Flag Cerakote on 1911


W took this 1911 … milled in some front cocking serrations and then gave it a brand new flag coating..
I do believe it turned out stunning.

Very used 1911 Looks new again with Cerakote

Sometimes you end up getting a firearm that just really needs to be completely gone thru and refinished…
As you can see that is exactly the case with this Para 1911 rebuild.
Customers father had this in storage for years and when he removed it from the safe it was in horrible condition..
We pulled this baby apart and gave it some tender loving care and a new Cerakote coating that should last a lifetime now without any more problems.

This 1911 came in needing a serious facelift

This bad boy really needed a little TLC.
So we pulled things together and figured out how to make this beautiful firearm look beautiful again.
The owner had used a different cerakote applicator that totally screwed things up…
When he picked it up He brought it straight to me and asked me if I could fix his pride and joy.
Well this is what we did to make the customer smile again.
Make sure you know where your taking Your projects to. ….
Just because it says they coat things … doesn’t mean they do it well.

Custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt

A custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt Including Burnt Bronze backfill

Full Ohio State Cerakote theme on a 1911

And here we have a full Ohio State Themed 1911 …

1911 refinished in Cerakote Typhon Kryptek

One of our first shot trials with Kryptek 

1911 With A Sexy Graphite Black Frame

We only did the Graphite Black frame on this beautiful 1911

Rock Island 1911 In Solid Crushed Aluminium

1911 in Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black

A beautiful 1911 in Burnt Bronze