FleckTarn Camo Using 4 Cerakote Colors

This FleckTarn Camo Patter was a bit of a new Camo Pattern for us but it turned out pretty good.
We used 4 colors to achieve this Tan Flecktarn Camo.
The rest of the rifle is done in Patriot Brown.

Noveske in 3 color Rattlesnake Design

A full rattlesnake camo on this AR15 custom build

Noveske in green snake skin cerakote design

A custom green camo snake skin design on this beautiful Noveske Rifles

AR in Crushed Aluminum and Flat Dark Earth

A Custom crushed Aluminum and Flat Dark earth Cerakote AR15

Glock Frames in Magpul Flat Dark Earth

XDS in Magpul Flat Dark Earth

Benelli M4 In Cerakote 3 color camo

We did this Benelli in a custom airbrushed camo.

Cowboy Spurs In 3 Different Styles

Cowboy Spurs completely customized using Cerakote

AR in 3 Color Cerakote Snake Camo

A beautiful Snake Skin Camo across this AR15

1942 Mosin Nagant In Snake Skin Camo

A 1942 Mosin Nagant in a custom Cerakote snake skin camo pattern