Our One Of A Kind Snake Skin Skull Camo

This HM Defense AR was customized in a snake skin type pattern.
But that wasn’t enough we had to throw some killer skull’s all over it for good measure.
This design took quite some time to work out together but after it was all said and done It turned out awesome.
This is NOT a dip … It is all hand done and airbrushed with Cerakote coatings all over…

Noveske in green snake skin cerakote design

A custom green camo snake skin design on this beautiful Noveske Rifles

Snake Skin Glock Pistol In 4 Colors

Completely Custom Snake Skin Camo in full Cerakote Coating.
This sweet Glock got its new coating and is looking amazing in Cerakote Whites and Grays.
Need a custom Camo look for your new firearm? Don’t wait contact us today.

The Snake Slayer Bond Arms In SnakeSkin

AR in 3 Color Cerakote Snake Camo

A beautiful Snake Skin Camo across this AR15