Custom AR15 In Brown Kryptek Camo

We did a full Brown Nomad Themed Kryptek Camo design on this AR 15.
From Butt stock to Flash Suppressor A full Nomad Kryptek.

2 Tone Rifle In Desert Sand and Tungsten

[Not a valid template]Precision Rifle in 2 tone Desert Sand and Tungsten 

Noveske in green snake skin cerakote design

A custom green camo snake skin design on this beautiful Noveske Rifles

AR15 With A 2 Color Cerakote Combo

We did this AR for our good friends over at 702 Shooter.
This rifle turned out beautiful.

Check out the custom barrel work we did for this rifle here. 

Glock in 4 color Cypress Camo Pattern

Another highly customized Camo pattern on this Glock.
This is fully hand coated using several Cerakote colors and styles.

The Snake Slayer Bond Arms In SnakeSkin

Patriotic Stocks With Flags And Distressed

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AR in 3 Color Cerakote Snake Camo

A beautiful Snake Skin Camo across this AR15

Remington 870 With 4 color Leaf Pattern

Shotgun completely redone in a custom leaf pattern camo.

Hi-Point 9MM In Americana

Yes a little over the top for this Hi Point but it was worth every thing we threw at her…
Actually … this kind of shows that you can put lipstick on a pig…