A Custom Crimson / White Glock for Rose

This Glock is done in a custom Crimson and Bright White 2 tone With a single Red Rose on each side of the grip.

Custom AR In Tungsten and Crimson Red

Our custom built AR coated in Cerakote Tungsten and Crimson.

Glock 19 With a Samcro Fan Theme

This pistol is one of our all time favorites.
We are avid fans of Sons Of Anarchy therefor we just had to do one of our own pistols in a Samcro design.
This turned out way better than we could have ever imagined.
Our dedication to Sons Of Anarchy theme pistol

Nurse Theme Smith and Wesson 40

This beautiful Nurse theme gun is a fan favorite.

And yes we are the original designers and Cerakote coaters that created this beautiful nurse gun theme.
We have been copied hundreds of times but we are the original…

Hi-Point 9MM In Americana

Yes a little over the top for this Hi Point but it was worth every thing we threw at her…
Actually … this kind of shows that you can put lipstick on a pig…

Ruger 10-22 in Tiger Camo

before-afterred-tiger-1red-tiger-2 Red-Tiger-3 Red-Tiger-4