Our Version of DeadPool’s Gun


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We were asked to recreate Deadpool’s gun but using a glock …
Deadpool Seems to be the big thing right now and people are going nuts over the Deadpool Gun that another Cerakote applicator did a couple months ago. So when a customer came into the shop asking for us to replicate the Deadpool Gun design but using a glock this time we were up for the challenge and excited to get this baby back into the owners hands once it was finished…
I think Deadpool himself would be proud to sport this slick 40 Cal. Glock….

3 Different Custom Cerakote Welding Hoods

Completely Custom Cerakote Welding Hoods

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This was quite the challenge. A local manufacturer contacted us to customize some welding hoods for them.
After several failed attempts to give them something truly customized…
(      Yes sometimes we even fail 🙂 ……  )  this round hit it out of the park.
The challenge was being able to do these specific hoods without destroying their integrity.
We finally figured out how to make thiese Welding hoods truly custom and one of a kind….

Custom Glock With A Custom UK Theme

Custom UK Theme Glock in Cerakote

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This customer wanted something that would wrap from one side of the slide to the other.
So we took his idea he had drawn up on a piece of paper and made it a reality.
I think we nailed exactly what he was trying to achieve.

Spikes Worthog In Custom Cerakote Design

Spikes Warthog Custom Hand Coated Hog in Cerakote

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Taking this Spikes Warthog to a brand new look.
We coated this Worthog to match an old aircraft look but that wasn’t enough.
We had to hand coat the actual worthog in Cerakote to give it that special kickin look that it deserved.

Smith And Wesson old and worn to new again

Old Smith 1911 Completely Redone

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This smith 1911 came into our shop needing some serious help.
As you can see in the before photo the finish was in pretty poor condition..
We took our time cleaned it stripped its old worn finish off and gave it new life again in Cerakote Graphite Black.


The Honey Badger Glock with Custom Ports

We stripped this glock down and ported the slide and coated in Burnt Bronze

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We custom Ported this Glock 17 MOS and gave it a fresh Cerakote Burnt Bronze Finish.
Then we engraved the top of the slide and backfilled it with Black Cerakote.
The slide ports alone make this Glock 17 look Amazing.

Corn Bread Corn Fed John Deere Theme

Cornbread Cornfed John Deere Cerakote Theme

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A glock 19 completely remade in John Deere theme for my friend Cornbread.
I have to thank this friend for all the work and support he has helped me with over the years.

Benelli Vinci In a Nice Grass Camo

Benelli Vinci Custom Cerakote Grass Camo

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This beautiful Benelli Vinci came into the shop in its horrid hydrodip pattern that had been very well used.
After a complete clean up, We transformed it into this beautiful Grassy camo. 

The New Lady Jack In Pink and Black

The Lady Jack In Pink and Black

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This Jack lower has been transformed into the new Lady Jack…. Or the Jill perhaps…
Our custom mixed Pink highlights make this beautiful Pink and Black AR15 a special one of a kind for its new owner.

Our Custom Holographic Cerakote Coating


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This customer wanted something completely different than we have ever done before.
This project with her Bow Riser was a challenge for sure but it turned out beautiful.
It is a custom Holographic coating we managed to do all with Cerakote.
When the light hits it just right the colors are amazing.