Our Steam Punk Ar9 Gear Gun

This is one of our most intense designs we have ever done.
It has taken a long time to build this AR9 Pistol but we are super proud of the steam punk design that we have laser engraved across ever face of the pistol. All the gears look as if they are actually able to move against each other and push the next gear.
A lot of time and thought went into this beautiful AR9 pistol.
If your looking for your next Laser designed firearm then contact us and see if we can make something that will turn every head at the gun range.

Custom AR 9 in a tattered Flag Theme

Sexy AR9 completely customized with a torn and tattered American Flag.
This thing turned out just as nice as his custom 1911 we did that you can see here.
Its done in Sniper Gray and Crushed Silver Cerakote.
Sometimes its nice to step away from the norm of red white and blue and grab a different color scheme. If you have any ideas about a new color scheme for an old design lets give it a try.