Custom Rhodesian Brush Stroke Camo

Always fun to do a custom camo for someone on their Rifle.
We had never seen Rhodesian Brush Stroke Camo before until this customer sent us a shirt to match.
We were up for the challenge and before you know it this Rifle was almost a perfect match to the Rhodesian Camo pattern.

Our Hand Crafted Paper Mountain Camo

A custom hand created camo. We like to call it Paper Mountain Camo

Noveske in green snake skin cerakote design

A custom green camo snake skin design on this beautiful Noveske Rifles

Sig 556 In Our Own Custom Camo

A custom airbrushed camo on this Sig556

Special Camo Sniper Rifle With Scope

This one was a pleasure to do.
We did a full Carlos Hathcock Rendition on this sniper rifle.
Complete with a single white feather.
All done in Cerakote and hand coated.