American HM Defense Monoblock AR

This beautiful American Flag Theme was applied to an HM Defense Monoblock Ar15.
This is NOT a dip folks it has been completely redone using Cerakote… 

Distress Flag and Engraving on a Shield

A custom worn look complete with custom engraving on the barrel hood and slide

Old West Revolver in Cerakote Distress

This Revolver needed a brand new coat and we made it look how we think all old revolvers should look.
Like it has been through the old west and won every battle.
This one we also placed grandpas name, birthdate and death anniversary as well on the barrel.

Glock 42 In Cerakote 3 color Deep Distress

OSU Distressed Theme AR10 Rifle

A custom OSU theme on an AR10.
You can’t deny this is one bad Ohio State Tribute Gun.

Custom Homemade Old West Revolver

This custom revolver really needed a full makeover and we were proud to give it a nice distressed look.
We also included the grandfathers name , Birthdate, and the date of his death as well.

Distressed Glock in Cerakote Gold and Black