Our Version of DeadPool’s Gun


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We were asked to recreate Deadpool’s gun but using a glock …
Deadpool Seems to be the big thing right now and people are going nuts over the Deadpool Gun that another Cerakote applicator did a couple months ago. So when a customer came into the shop asking for us to replicate the Deadpool Gun design but using a glock this time we were up for the challenge and excited to get this baby back into the owners hands once it was finished…
I think Deadpool himself would be proud to sport this slick 40 Cal. Glock….

American HM Defense Monoblock AR

American Flag theme HM Defense Monoblock AR15

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This beautiful American Flag Theme was applied to an HM Defense Monoblock Ar15.
This is NOT a dip folks it has been completely redone using Cerakote… 

Battle Worn XDS with Custom Ported Slide

Battle Worn XDS in Red and Black

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The Battle worn Xd was first completely stripped down and the slide was ported in our machine shop…
Then we gave it a slick battle worn look in red and graphite black.
If your looking for slide porting or Cerakote work look no further than Toms Custom to create your custom design.

Distress Flag Cerakote on 1911

OSU Distressed Theme AR10 Rifle

KelTec 380 with distressed theme

Custom Homemade Old West Revolver

Distressed Glock in Cerakote Gold and Black

Cowboy Spurs In 3 Different Styles