The Honey Badger Glock with Custom Ports

We stripped this glock down and ported the slide and coated in Burnt Bronze

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We custom Ported this Glock 17 MOS and gave it a fresh Cerakote Burnt Bronze Finish.
Then we engraved the top of the slide and backfilled it with Black Cerakote.
The slide ports alone make this Glock 17 look Amazing.

Ruger Custom With Extreme Cylinder Backfill



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This custom Ruger really needed some beautification when it came into the shop.
We stripped it down and completely remade the entire firearm in Burnt Bronze and Graphite black Cerakote. Then if that wasn’t enough we backfilled the cylinder so you can now finally read the extremely tiny engravings that you could never read before.

Yeti cooler In Ceracoat and then dipped

Custom Cerakote Yeti Cooler

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We took this Yeti Cooler and did a full Cerakote job then took the lid and Hydro dipped it  to make a custom one of a kind Yeti Cooler..

Ruger single action given new life

Ruger Revolver In Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black

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This beautiful Ruger single action pistol has been given new life with a brand new Cerakote coating of Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black.
I have to say that this revolver turned out amazing.

COLT when old becomes new again

Colt Woodsman Complete Remake left side

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This old Colt woodsman came into the shop needing a serious overhaul.
We were a bit reluctant to do it for the owner but he kept insisting that we do a complete make over for him so he would be able to enjoy it once again with his son.
We finally agreed to do it all up again in the Midnight Blue.
Each and every part was taken apart the internals were all polished and cleaned up to function like brand new again and then the other portions were completely blasted to bare metal and then coated with Cerakote Midnight Blue. The Colt functions now just like it did when it was brand new and the best part is that he never has to worry about it rusting up like it was.

Custom Iron Man Stark Industries Shotgun

Burnt Bronze and Black AR And Pistol

Custom Oakley’s Harley Sunglasses

Custom Glock Gun With Marines Theme

Glock 43 In Blue Titanium and Burnt Bronze