Smith And Wesson old and worn to new again

This smith 1911 came into our shop needing some serious help.
As you can see in the before photo the finish was in pretty poor condition..
We took our time cleaned it stripped its old worn finish off and gave it new life again in Cerakote Graphite Black.


1911 Pistol with American Flag theme Slide

This beautiful 1911 came into the shop and its owner wanted some type of american flag applied
But nothing to bright and in your face. So we came up with this design that turned out amazing.
This is a 2 color flag that is fully Cerakote coated. 
It looked so good that he brought his AR9 in to be done just like his pistol that you can see here.

Custom Sapphire Blue And Crushed Silver

A little polish under the hood

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This Kimber 1911 went thru a major overhaul.
We stripped it down polished the barrel and some of the hardware to a high mirror shine,
Then we gave it a coat of our custom mixed Sapphire Blue Along with a custom engraving.
It turned out amazing.

Distress Flag Cerakote on 1911

Very used 1911 Looks new again with Cerakote

This 1911 came in needing a serious facelift

Custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt

A custom Kimber in Burnt Bronze and Cobalt Including Burnt Bronze backfill

Full Ohio State Cerakote theme on a 1911

1911 refinished in Cerakote Typhon Kryptek

1911 With A Sexy Graphite Black Frame